Historical Dodge Power Wagons For Sale in Indio, CA

Please take a look at our lengthy list of available 4x4 trucks from WWII, Korean War, Viet Nam War era, and of course the venerable 1946-68 DODGE POWER WAGONS that evolved from the WWII trucks. Give us a call at 714-310-9934, or email us at dbcolts@aol.com. We can also help you with arranging for transportation via one of our auto-haulers. Also we can deliver to the Port of Los Angeles for export overseas.
Note: Prices can change... as we work on them.

1941 Dodge WC-21 Open Cab Weapons Carrier, runs great

An xlnt condition WWII 1941 Dodge WC-21 Open-Cab 4x4 Weapons Carrier. This West Coast “Desert” truck had been restored 12 years ago. Runs great. New brakes, battery, bearings/seals, Combat-Rims with NEW 9.50x16 ND tires. The wood planking in the bed was replaced and is in good condition. The bench seat is going to be replaced with orig. type bucket seats w/new upholstery. There is NO rust/cancer on this truck. Re-wired….lights work. Calif. Non-Op title. Later 251 engine. $15,500

1953 Dodge M37 w/Braden winch, USAF, runs great, w/title

1953 Dodge M37 4x4 Weapons Carrier w/Braden winch, Delivered to the USAF (noted on the data plate)…matching frame VIN to data plate. Good tires and brakes, Engines runs great, New seats, new 12 volt batteries for orig. 24 volt system, a great truck out of the Ariz. Desert, No cancer or rust. A nice Korean War truck that has the original hardtop. OD green paint. Ariz. Title. $8995

1941 Dodge WC-26 Carryall....complete....but, needs restoration

Here is a complete West Coast Calif. WWII 1941 Dodge WC-26 ½ ton Carryall. A great project truck that can be cleaned up and run as-is……or given a full restoration. All the window mechanisms are in place…w/covers. Engine is not running at this time…..unknown condition of the mechanics and electrical. Lots of original finish…only surface patina…..some cancer at the bottom of the tailgate and windshield. Top-right rear of the body….needs attention (see pics). Sold as-is. Non-original seat. $9500

1941 Dodge WC-21 Open Cab Weapons Carrier...nice Az 4x4 truck

1941 Dodge WC-21 WWII 4x4 open-cab Weapons Carrier (the GREEN HORNET), US number under paint…on hood, good running, matching frame to data plate, free wheeling front hubs, good tires, New battery-brakes-seats-windshield glass, orig. wood bed-95%, a nice Arizona truck with title, gas can carrier, no cancer, $8950

1941 Dodge WC-6 Command Car

1941 Dodge WC-6 WWII ½ ton 4x4 Command Car, INCLUDES “CALIF.” TITLE. nice running and driving WWII vehicle with pioneer kit (for pick, shovel & axe) and gas can carrier, new windshield glass-brakes-seats, good tires and spare, fuel system cleaned, orig. nice gauges, matching numbered frame to data plate, the only area of rust is on the floor in back. Some orig. WWII military OD paint remains. Back/top corners repaired. (pics available) More pics available. $16,500.

1957 Dodge Power Wagon WM-300 U.S.Navy

1957 Dodge Power Wagon WM-300 U.S.Navy (Navy data plate has engine and frame no.), Engine runs great…no smoke. INCLUDES “CALIF.” TITLE. This truck has the “all-synchro” transmission, and it does have a PTO……so, a Braden winch could be added. New seats, windshield & door glass. Rebuilt carb., fuel tank has been cleaned, and an electric fuel pump put in. A nice West Coast truck….with one place of rust at the lower-right-rear of the cab. The bed has 85% of the orig. wood flooring. Great ND tires. More pics available. New master & wheel cylinders….good brakes. More pics available. $22,500
1957 Dodge Power Wagon WM-300 U.S.Navy

1941/40 Dodge VC-4 WWII 4x4 military replica, runs, title

1940/41 Dodge VC-4 4x4 Weapons Carrier, this is a composite reproduction of this very scarce truck. A 1946 Dodge body on a 1941 Dodge WWII 4x4 chassis. Includes a Calif. title, on non-op. It has the later 251 engine that runs great (more HP) and 4 spd trans. New battery, master & wheel cyl. (good brakes), new window glass, good tires w/orig. 7x16 rims (so you could put dual tires in back), new upholstery, new wood bed, rebuilt carburetor, No cancer on the body!....but, a nice patina. The left rear fender has been patched. Asking $14,500

1951 Dodge B3 Power Wagon w/winches & title

1951 Dodge B3 model Power Wagon w/winch’s. Includes a Calif. title. This truck came from the Ponderosa Telephone Company and has 2 winches (front bumper and another on the front of the flatbed). The data plate matches the frame VIN. It has an xlnt running original 6 cyl. engine with the oil-bath aircleaner. A great West Coast truck without any cancer….no bad rust. Tires are in fair/driveable condition. New windows/windshield glass, reupholster seats, new master and wheel cylinders, new battery, elect. fuel pump, front bumper. $15,950.

1942 Dodge WC-62, WWII 6x6 with "combat rims" and good tires

1942 Dodge WC-62, WWII 6x6 with "combat rims" and good tires, orig. bucket seats & windshield frame……We have not tried to start it yet. Orig. set up for winch…but, missing. I was told it runs well. The front grill is included. This is the basis for the custom 6x6 Dodge Power Wagons made into 6x6 Power Wagons. More pics available. $6950

1942 Dodge WC-62, WWII 6x6 with combat rims and good tires - Truck in Indio, CA

Contact Dave, if you need orig. Dodge parts.Oh!.....we have more pics of the trucks!! Email: dbcolts@aol.com


1941 Dodge ½ ton 4x4 WC-15 Command Car

1941 Dodge ½ ton 4x4 WC-15 Command Car project found in the “dry air” of the Calif. High-Desert ….this modified WWII truck has “good bones”….just needs a little persuasion to be the GRAND vehicle it was once. The pedigree is there…the frame serial number matches the data plate on the glove box door. It has the transfer case, but no transmission (I have one for sale), radiator or left front fender (and a few other parts). Oh….it includes a tailgate too. Includes the orig. 218 ci engine (missing parts). More pics available. Priced at $950 and sold with a CALIFORNIA TITLE!!

1941 Dodge ½ ton 4x4 WC-15 Command Car - Truck in Indio, CA

1985 Dodge ½ ton Ramcharger W-150 4x4 pickup chassis with 360 V-8

1985 Dodge ½ ton Ramcharger W-150 4x4 pickup chassis with 360 V-8 engine and automatic transmission. This would be the good start for a RETRO-ROD. Includes a New Mexico title. It came with repair tickets dated April, 2012 for repair of the rear main seal, torque converter, u-joints, steering gear box, new oil pan, intake manifold, etc…..total $3122.44. Included is: radiator, alternator, drive shafts, fuel tank and all the wiring. It has American Racing mag wheels with xlnt tires. More pics available. More pics available. Price $1695

1941 Dodge WC-12 WWII 4x4 Weapons Carrier, eng. runs

1941 Dodge WC-12 WWII Weapons Carrier, 1/2 ton pickup w/orig. Braden winch, good running engine w/rebuklt carburetor, new master and wheel cylinders, new windshield & door glass, new orig. type upholstery, This truck has xlnt sheet metal.....no cancer. Needs wood in the bed and a tailgate. More pics available. $11,950.
1948 Dodge WDX Power Wagon, 1 ton with Braden winch - Truck in Indio, CA

1942 Dodge WWII 4x4 dump truck, runs & has title

This 1942 Dodge WWII 4x4 w/dump bed and removeable sides (dump mech. not working right now..??), good running engine. Drives and brakes…new master and wheel cylinders…..new seats and windshield. Oregon title. Standard rims with good tires. $7950……Price lowered, and now $6950
1942 Dodge - Truck in Indio, CA

1963 Dodge M37-B1, V-8

Here is a nice “desert find” 1963 Dodge M37-B1 (all synchro transmission) 4x4 Power Wagon military weapons carrier with the optional “Arctic hard-top”. The top is easily removed….just unbolts. Re-powered with a 1970’s Dodge 318 ci V-8 engine (not running, but turns over). Larger radiator installed. SELECTRO front hubs. Data plate and frame VIN matching. Includes Arizona title. The body is in xlnt condition….no rust issues….desert-sand color paint. Very good windows. Xlnt tailgate, straight bed and floor. $4950
1963 Dodge M37-B1 - Truck in Indio, CA

1961 Dodge M37 3/4 ton T-245 Power Wagon weapons carrier.

Needs restoration. The engine, transmission, transfer case are gone…..and minus the radiator, grill, front bumper, headlights, tailgate, windshield, fuel tank, gauges and small parts. I have all the missing parts….for sale separately. Rolls & steers. includes Calif. Title!! Price: $1850
1961 Dodge M37 3/4 ton T-245 Power Wagon weapons carrier - Truck in Indio, CA

1941 Dodge WC-16 Radio Command Car, needs restoration

1941 Dodge WC-16 Radio Command Car w/radio. Includes CALIF. TITLE. A nice “mechanically complete” West Coast military truck that needs restoration. The truck is complete with another body/dash front 1/2. New ND tires. Orig. front seat frame, gauges. More pictures available. $6500

1963 Dodge W-100 4x4 ½ ton Power Wagon/Town Wagon

1963 Dodge W-100 4x4 ½ ton Power Wagon/Town Wagon with a newer 400 ci Chevrolet small-block V-8 w/4 bbl. carburetor, auto transmission and axles. Runs & drives….titled in Az. Good body. Xlnt tires and mag wheels. Heavy duty front bumper set up for winch. More pics available. $9750
1963 Dodge W-100 4x4 ½ ton Power Wagon/Town Wagon - Truck in Indio, CA

1941 Dodge WC-10 Carryall, good running engine, 4 spd. 4x4 w/title

1941 Dodge WC-10 Carryall, good running West Coast 4x4. INCLUDES CALIF. TITLE. We've put in a new wood floor in back, new upholstery on the orig. driver seat, rebuilt the carburetor, new battery, new brake master and wheel cylinders, new windshield and all the side window glass installed, flushed out the fuel system, added an electric fuel pump, cleaned the tank, new radiator hoses, new headlight lamps, added an original speedometer that was missing. New steel roof. Data plate matches VIN on frame. 9x16 rims w/good tires & spare. Painted USMC OD green. $18,500
1941 Dodge WC-10 Carryall - Truck in Indio, CA

1937 International Harvester 1/2 ton w/Chev. S10 chassis, 350 V8 & auto trans.

1937 International D2 ½ ton pickup, built on a Chev. S-10 Chassis with Chev. 350 V8 and auto trans, Edelbrock Weber AFB carburetor-manifold-valve covers-air cleaner, mild race cam, custom headers, chrome accessories/brackets, 12 volt system, power steering, independent front suspension, disc brakes, dual exhaust, orig. gauges & under dash new gauges, new battery, mag wheels, very good seat, old New York license plate floor…LOL, Custom alloy fuel tank, new windows, sun-visor over windshield, crank-out windshield, cowl lights, and all lights work, Lots of power---hard to not burn rubber. Calif. title in process. $12,500

1950 Willy’s Jeep pickup with modern Dodge 4x4 rolling chassis.

1950 Willy’s Jeep pickup with modern Dodge 4x4 rolling chassis. Project truck. Includes all the Willys Jeep body components, hardware, glass, etc. The body components have been “media-blasted” at great expense. Needs to be fitted to the Dodge chassis. Xlnt rims and tires w/spare. New floor boards in the cab. $2950 (axles are worth that).
1950 Willy’s Jeep pickup with modern Dodge 4x4 rolling chassis - Truck in Indio, CA

1946 Ford F1 1/2 ton pickup....6 cyl. auto, not running $4250

1946 Ford F1 ½ ton RAT-ROD pickup with a great patina, spare tire rack, needs wood in bed, no tailgate, this has a Ford 6 cyl. (later over head valve 6 cyl. Ford engine, not running) with auto trans., good body, bucket seats, no glass. $4250

1947 Dodge WC 1/2 ton, 6 cyl, 4 speed....runs great, w/title

1947 Dodge ½ ton Model WC with great running engine and 4 speed trans., rebuilt brakes w/new master and wheel cylinders, new window glass and orig. type brown upholstery, Good tires . New plywood bed. This is a nice Arizona Desert truck---NO cancer----just a nice patina’d look. New battery and rebuilt carburetor, elect. fuel pump, includes Calif. title. More pictures available, $10,950
1950 Willy’s Jeep pickup with modern Dodge 4x4 rolling chassis - Truck in Indio, CA

1930 Ford Model BB 1-ton flatbed w/pto & winch, Az. title

1930 Ford Model BB 1-ton flatbed. A good running truck from the Ariz. Desert (with title). Tires-ok and hold air. PTO…operates behind the cab. Includes the hood sides. We are eventually going to do some work on it….new glass, upholstery, 2 more rims/tires for dual set up on rear axle, new front bumper, and check the mechanical brakes, $6950

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New Arrivals....not running projects

1948 Dodge WDX Power Wagon 4x4 w/dump bed, project

A very nice West Coast Calif. production 1948 WDX Power Wagon, 4x4 w/pto driven hydraulic tilt bed (by Daybrook Speed-lift), this is a winch model w/split front bumper (winch missing), drive-train is complete….6 cyl. (not running) w/4 spd trans, steel plate…over orig. wood bed, nice tailgate, VIN data plate on the body…matches frame VIN, orig. seat needs upholstery, orig. spare tire rack, nice gauges, nice door panels w/mech., Duramatic front hubs, heater, good windows. No body cancer. Calif. title. $11,950

1951 Dodge Power Wagon B3 flatbed, project truck

1951 B3 4x4 Power Wagon flatbed from Northern Calif. w/title, complete drive-train w/non-running 6 cyl. Dodge engine and 4 spd. Trans, needs front bumper, seat is useable, windows are cracked…but there and the mechanism work, Body VIN data plate matches frame VIN, nice orig. gauges…and new type added, No cancer. I believe this truck had a winch...now missing. $10,950
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